Larry Weiss – novelist

Yes, I know what the Chicago Style Manual says about capitalization but I am a lowercase novelist for now. I hope to earn an upper case N as I continue my writing career.

My professional life began as a wannabe medical biophysicist, and it ended in a twenty-seven year career in education. In retirement, the world of Scandinavian noir and crime novels dominated my reading. Stieg Larrson, Henning Mankell, Karin Alvtegen, Jo Nesbo and others became my writing heroes, and I finally knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

I cut my writing teeth on a non-fiction work, Through a Lens of Emptiness, an uninteresting and exhausting but useful experience. However, story telling has always come naturally so I decided to become the Street Fiction Writer.

My readers will let me know when n can be replaced by N. It doesn’t matter what I think.

Wish me luck.

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