Words of Wisdom from a Rank Amateur

I requested some advice on the appearance of this WordPress site from a delightful young woman I have the privilege of knowing. She has a background in marketing and a good eye for style. Her suggestions were right on. I think the site works for its intended purpose.

There was just one hitch, my URL, http://www.street-fiction-writer.com no longer pointed to my revised home page. I solved the problem this evening.

I’ll make this post short and too the point. Make sure you designate your home page as a fixed page. Thanks to WordPress help, the problem was solved. I’ve also backed up this site, including this blog post. Those in the know suggest your site should be backed up regularly in case some one hacks it.

The school of correcting simple errors, aka as the school of soft knocks, with a little help from those in the know, is the best school you can attend. There are abundant sources of free advice and information, so you can fix most rookie sit building mistakes are generally free.

Enough advice for this evening. Could you please offer some constructive support or critique of the site as it is.

One more thing, as Steve Jobs liked to say, please follow this blog.

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